Vizaris - Co-op Open World Role Playing Game

Open World, Co-op Multiplayer, Roleplaying

Vizaris was built from the ground up for freeform exploration, full cooperative multiplayer for up to six people, and to support a constantly growing roleplay experience. A new world and a new experience lies before you.

A Massive World

The world of Vizaris is vast, new, and unique – filled with amazing vistas, wondrous magic, steampunk technology, and thousands of years of  epic history. Experience an incredible new take on the fantasy genre, where there are truly no limits.

Weekly Updates

Every week new content is added, as we strive to make a more detailed, varied, and open role playing game. We’ve created a unique content delivery platform just to get the updates to you! Every dollar earned goes back into the game for the creation of more content!

Focus on all aspects

The development path of Vizaris focuses on more than just combat and linear quest-lines – in Vizaris, the player is free to find their role, whether in traditional fantasy roles such as warrior, mage, or rogue; or less combat oriented roles, such as collector, crafter, or homesteader.