Open World Co-Op RPG

Co-op Multiplayer

Vizaris was built for freeform exploration, full cooperative multiplayer for up to six people, and to support a constantly growing roleplay experience. A new world and a new experience lies before you.

A Massive World

Experience an incredible new take on the fantasy genre, without limits. The world of Vizaris is vast and unique, filled with amazing vistas, wondrous magic, steampunk tech and thousands of years of  epic history.

Weekly Updates

New content is added often, as we strive to make a more detailed and varied open world RPG. We’ve created an efficient content delivery platform to deliver frequent and compact updates from the launcher application!

Focus on all aspects

Vizaris brings more than combat and linear quest-lines to the table – in Vizaris, the player is free to choose traditional roles from warrior, mage and rogue to more unique collector, crafter or homesteader roles.