Everything you need to know about Vizaris




Vizaris is an open world role playing game developed by Strike Games. Vizaris is a subscription based, which means you pay $4.99 a month, allowing us to sell the game super cheap, and more importantly allowing us to keep adding more content. You can cancel your subscription at any time and come back later. What this also means is that when you subscribe, you get 100% of the content. It’s a solemn promise there will never be any DLC, Premium, or Pay to Win content; you get everything. Period.


Your adventures are set in a new, harsh but wonderful world – full of powerful magic, incredible technology, and alien vistas. The world of Vizaris is constantly expanding in meaningful and accessible ways. The idea behind the gameplay of Vizaris is to provide the player with the empty pages to experience grand adventure of their own making, filled with wonder, and excitement; however that doesn’t mean your adventure has to be filled with cave spelunking and bandit slaughtering; but also peaceful activities, such as gardening and homesteading. Vizaris is designed to eventually be the biggest and best RPG ever created, and nearly every gameplay feature is designed to be easily expanded and able to join in with dozens of other features effectively. When it comes to Vizaris, the journey never ends.

Cool Features

Here are some of the notable and cool game features that Vizaris has.

These obviously aren’t the only features, but the ones that help Vizaris to stand out from the crowd.

As the game grows, we’ll add more to this list until it becomes a wall of awesomeness.

Consequential Actions

Death is not the end in Vizaris. When you die, your character will be penalized and respawn as the last save point, but the world stays the same. This amps up the intensity of the gameplay, and requires planning for events.

Full Six Player Co-op

Ever wanted to go adventure questing with you bros and pals? Vizaris is built from the ground up to fully support up to 6 player co-op! Prepare for glory and good memories with your own personal fellowship.

Seamless World

Whether you’re diving into a cave or walking out the front door of a homestead, in Vizaris, there aren’t any load screens between game areas.

Survival Gameplay

The world of Vizaris is harsh, your character needs food, water, and sleep to survive. You’ll need to hunt, scavenge, harvest, or buy your sustenance.

Terrifying Darkness

Vizaris becomes a different game at night. You will learn to fear the dark, and treasure your torch. Prepare during the day, lest you starve as prey during the night.

Crafting and Cooking

Use tools and workstations to turn resources and raw materials into useful items that will help keep you alive. Vizaris has an in-depth crafting system which grows with the game every week.

Character Virtues

Define your characters core stats of Strength, Agility, Finesse, Endurance, Willpower, Intellect, Charisma, and Luck.

Rewarding Exploration

The world is filled with treasures to find. Around every rock there is a plant to harvest, ore to mine, or a locked container to pick open.

Full Controller Support

Plug in your favorite controller and start playing. Controller remapping supported, and menus have specific controller modes!

About the Team

Vizaris is developed by Strike Games, an indie game developer focused on creating high quality video game experiences that blur the lines between independent and AAA titles.