Gameplay Videos and Official Trailers

Announcement Trailer

This is the official announcement AND release trailer for Vizaris. This shows the state of the game, as it was when first announced and released. The day after this trailer was uploaded, we integrated a new and much nicer looking Sky system into Vizaris. This is why we can’t have up-to-date videos.

Pre-Release Flythrough Video

This video is the first official video for Vizaris – now completely outdated. It shows a flythrough of most of the gameplay area. There are a bunch of canyon offshoots and caves that aren’t shown in this video, but this is the single longest uninterrupted path. If you’re actually playing the game, it can take well over an hour to actually traverse through this much terrain. As time goes on, this will be expanded substantially. In July of 2015 this portion of the game was redone by scratch, and while it maintains a similar layout, the new landscape is much better looking.

Pre-Release Cave Flythrough

This video shows a flythrough of the current largest cave in the game. This cave is like a dungeon, with a bunch of enemies, treasure, and even a few secret areas! From a technical standpoint, this cave’s lighting is entirely dynamic, using technological trickery to setup a fake “light bounce” appearance; making it look more natural. (As natural as it can, considering the light is coming from bio-luminescent lichen) Like most of the videos, it is now outdated, as the game has continued to progress.