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Content Warning


Vizaris has not been rated by the ESRB, MPAA, PEGI or any other review organization. The game does have moderate violence, blood; and in the future will likely have moderate language and references to the use of fictional drugs and alcohol. This game is intended for people with a mature mindset.


Hardware Warning


This game REQUIRES a powerful computer to run at optimal speed and quality. It is an indie game made by a small team, we simply do not have the resources to test a variety of hardware for performance and compatibility at this time. The game requires a 64bit OS, and DX11 compatible GPU.

This game will also require 7gb+ of hard drive space, and due to the expanding nature of the game, storage requirements WILL expand, likely significantly, over the life of the game.


Pre-subscription Questions

My Browser / OS is complaining about the launcher, is it safe?


It’s absolutely safe. The browser is upset because the file isn’t downloaded that frequently, and is an EXE fuke, and big corporations assume you’re too stupid to not download viruses off of porn sites. (You mean freepornplayer.exe ISN’T SAFE?!)

The operating system is complaining because our software isn’t signed and certified by Microsoft or a MS affiliate. It’s something we’re in the process of doing, but it takes time to jump through all the hoops.

Besides, you’re already paying us for your subscription, why would we give you an unsafe program; as someone would find out immediately, and we’d be in a heap of trouble. Your Browser and OS are just being overly cautious.


What are the system requirements?


The absolute bare minimum requirements to run Vizaris at ANY level, are a 64 bit version of WINDOWS and a DirectX 11 compatible Graphics card. If you do not have these things, Vizaris will not work. The launcher will work, but Vizaris itself will not work. Period. 64Bit and DX11 requirements will NOT go away.

We will try to add Mac and Linux support in the future, but that also does not currently exist.

You will also want at LEAST 10 Gigabytes of free hard-drive space to fit the game; but as the game continues to grow, these requirements WILL increase significantly and consistently as more content is added to the game.


How do I tell if my operating system is 64-bit and my Graphics card supports DirectX11?


Windows likes to hide important information behind a wall of stupidness.

Press Win+R on the keyboard, or go to ” Start Menu > Run” to bring up the run programs menu.

Type in: dxdiag.exe

Windows may ask about checking your drivers, say no (or yes, it doesn’t matter). On the ‘System’ tab of the DirectX Diagnostic Tool it will say under ‘Operating System’ if your operating system is 64-bit or 32-bit.

On that same tab, near the bottom it will indicate ‘DirectX Version’


How do I sign up?


Click the subscribe button above these questions; you’re going to need to use Paypal to setup a monthly payment to us. We use PayPal to ensure that no payment information is stored on our servers.


Am I going to be tied into a subscription?


Nope. In fact, we actually encourage you to unsubscribe if you feel you’re not getting everything you want. (Although if you stay subscribed, it will help us to make it better.) You can come back any time once the game is bigger and better, and you’ll be able to enjoy all the new content.


Why is Vizaris subscription based?


It’s the only way that allows us to sell the game super cheap, but still make enough money to actually develop the game. Vizaris is not an MMO, but it does have 6 player cooperative multiplayer. It also means you get %100 of the content, and we won’t ever try to sell you DLC, Expansion Packs,  or Premium Content. Subscribe and get 100% of Vizaris.


Do I need an active internet connection?


Yes. While Vizaris is not an online exclusive game, we check subscription status, and more importantly, download the latest updates to the game every time you start it. You don’t necessarily need to keep an active internet connection after this happens, unless you’re playing multiplayer.


How do I cancel my agreement?


Go to your PayPal account, find the most recent bill for Vizaris – click on it, and you’ll be able to cancel your subscription on that page. We don’t hold your payment information, so the cancellation request has to go through PayPal. We’re working on an easier cancellation button integrated into the subscription page.


$4.99 is too much!


Good news everyone! There are referral discounts. You’ll be able to get your monthly bill down to $0 (That’s %100 free!) as long as your friends remain subscribed. If you get more than five friends subscribed you’ll actually MAKE money every month. How cool is that? Get some of your lazy friends to play (hopefully play -with- you, in an epic fellowship)


How do I use the referral system?


After you make an account, go to the affiliates page in the client area; or click here. Once you’re all setup, you’ll have a link which you can give to your friends, followers, or put on a card to casually slip into strangers pocket. After your friend uses the link, if they have cookies enabled and they purchase any time within six weeks, they will be signed up under you (assuming they didn’t use someone else’s code after yours.)

There’s no multi-level marketing going on here. You don’t receive any additional money if your friends sign up their friends. People who sign up under you don’t get a discount.


Do you have a trial?


Not at this time. We hope to add a trial period in the future, but it’s not something we’re current capable of doing.


I encountered (Insert problem here), why do you suck so much?


We’re a very small team doing our best to make something incredible – while that’s not an excuse for a bad experience, in the early stages of the life of Vizaris, there will be problems, and we’re counting on users to point out these issues so we can fix them and make things a more consistent experience for everyone. We would appreciate it if you leave us some candid feedback using the contact form on the website or submit a support ticket. Thank you for your understanding.