Screen Archery Competition

The Vizaris Screen Archery Competition is a little quid-pro-quo we have going on here. You take a 1080p screenshots of Vizaris, and without editing it, you do three things:
  1. Read the questions below very carefully. 
  2. Post a link to it on Twitter (be sure to include @StrikeGames), or on the Strike Games facebook page.
  3. Send us an email using the form below with a link to an upload of the submission (Imgur, Photobucket, etc), along with your PayPal address.
If you’re image looks cool, we’ll submit it to our gallery of Vizaris gameplay screenshots, and we’ll pay you $20 over PayPal (That’s 4 months of Vizaris subscription, or whatever the HFIL you want to spend 20 dollars on.)

Will you accept my submission?

Yes, but only if we like it. We have the right to refuse any image for any reason we choose; trust us, if it’s cool we’ll want to add it to our gallery. Sometimes, even if it’s a cool image we might not deem it suitable for going into the gallery… so please don’t take any rejections personally… Or do take them personally, whatever man, I don’t care :[

Will I recieve a response from you?

If you’re rejected, no. Sorry. If you’re accepted, yes, we’ll send you an email.

I submitted an image a while back, can I send a follow up?

No. Sorry. If there’s a problem, we’ll contact you; otherwise, please assume that your picture has/will have been rejected. (These are just the terms – we want to spend our time working on the game, not necessarily sending rejection emails to everyone.)

How long will you do VSAC for?

For as long as we want more pictures for our gameplay gallery. If it goes away, it might return sometime in the future, when we add new areas or major features to the game and want pretty pretty screenshots to show it off.

Can I have an alternate form of payment?

No. Not at this time, sorry.

Screen Archery Submissions

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