Frequently Asked Questions

Generic Questions

What kind of game is Vizaris?

It’s a fantasy open world role playing game; think Skyrim or Dark Souls.  It’s designed to be third person, but we plan to have (initially limited) support for other play styles. Don’t expect the game to be as big as Skyrim, because it’s only being made by 3 people.

How do you pronounce Vizaris?

VI as in pie, ZAR as in car, IS as in this.

What kind of content do you plan to add in the weekly updates?

Generally I want to avoid making specific promises – but Vizaris operates on the core idea that you should be able to play any kind of character you want in a vast and varied open world. So first we’re going to focus on building out core gameplay features, such as combat, crafting, magic, skills and progression, along with content that helps us to push those gameplay features. Then we’re going to start enriching each feature of the game with more variety and content.

How casual is the game?

At the moment, you need to scrounge and scavenge to survive in the desert, but as the game continues to develop, you’ll get an increasing number of options to survive. We want to have the game incorporate features that you can lightly get into for the sake of gameplay, but also have a vast depth and wealth of options that you can choose to get into, if you want. So how casual is the game? Depends… but really as casual as you want it to be.

How does multiplayer work? Any servers?

At the moment, Multiplayer only works through direct IP, like many indie games. We simply don’t have the architecture to support servers and a server browser -yet-. Due to the personal and integrated nature of multiplayer in Vizaris however, it’s really not the kind of game that you want to play with random strangers. Beyond that, singleplayer and multiplayer are almost identical, though only the host is allowed to do some of the most important actions in the game, such as saving the world.

For a game about choice, why am I forced into a specific role?

We had to start somewhere in the early stages of development. At the moment you’re somewhat shoehorned into the role of the the local town’s sheriff. We thought that for the extremely early stages of the game, this would give us the most flexibility while adding new features to the game. As the game continues to grow, we will reach a critical stage, most likely shortly after we have full proper character customization and progression, where new characters will be able to select the way they’re introduced into the world. The plan is to eventually have the game at a point where you can choose your starting class and location, as well as a very generalized, non-invasive backstory that will allow you to setup you character the way you desire.  

When is feature XYZ going to be added?

Send us an email about it using the contact form. The things that more people are interested in will get a higher priority on our development schedule. Beyond that, we don’t want to put up a public road map -at this time-, because we need to remain flexible – with our limited resources, if we say feature X is going to be done by a specific or even general date date, with our limited resources, that could compromise our ability to quickly deal with bugs as they come up. The more resources we get, the more concrete answers we’ll be able to give.

User Asked Questions

What's up with the bird people?

They’re tribal masks carved out of large bones of local creatures, or formed out of metal and plaster, and often times have rudimentary dust filters – beyond that, it’s a cultural thing. Don’t worry, eventually you’ll be able to remove the masks and see the faces of characters.

What's with the dead-ends that say 'The way seems blocked'?

Sometimes the ingame canyons will end abruptly or have strange dead-ends, and the screen will display “The way seems blocked”. The reason for this is to casually block the player from an incomplete area that we plan to add to the game. Vizaris is going to be huge, the existing complete canyons are already several kilometers long. At the moment we’re trying to keep the gameplay area as contiguous as possible, and so we block of the paths to areas that aren’t complete yet. This will become much less of an issue as the game continues to grow – or at the very least, you will be able to play in much larger areas without encountering one of these barriers.

I got past one of your precious barriers, and I'm outside the map!

Congrats! There really isn’t anything out there yet. We’re not trying to hard to keep you out of unfinished areas – because that’s time better spent making the actual areas. If you get stuck, be sure to bring up the menu and use the Wither option to go to your last camp site. If you camped outside the play area… well… you managed to get out – you’re gonna have to try to get back in. Vizaris isn’t going to have a lot of airwalls or invisible barriers in it; we’d rather have natural barriers and less restrictions. To those that actively try to break out of the game area, you rock. Some of my best time playing games was glitching out of the maps on Halo 2 – these days games are all about invisible barriers and airwalls to keep you on the rails. This makes me sad. :'(

I keep dying, but nobody is attacking!

Your character needs food, drink, and sleep to survive. Kill some baddies, harvest some plants, or loot some containers to get money or some items to sell to a merchant and then buy what you need to survive.

This whole thing seems kind of hinky...

Hinky? I’ll call you if I run into any Nazis – but seriously, if what you’ve already seen isn’t enough – then come back in a few weeks. The game will be bigger and better.