Weekly Report – 4

Hello Gamers!

Finally done with surgeries and on my way to complete recoveries – I’m a little late with this post because I’m lazy, it has absolutely nothing to do with recovery (I am totally serious). So let’s jump to last weeks progress:

This week's additions

Global ID and Saving System. This is a major, major, fundamental piece of code which consumed the entire week, and will likely consume all of this week too. This system allows us to mark all of the objects in the game with a unique identification number, which allows us to save and load information about it. This system is really important for saving more information than just what’s going on with the player; such as looted treasure chests, the locations of dropped items, and the status of enemies.
The Villager. We have the first model for our first NPC. Which means we’ll be able to start putting in fully functional NPC related gameplay in the very near future, such as the ability to use our recently completed conversation system; along with bartering, questing, and murdering.
Technical work on the landscape. Most of my work this week was dedicated to some technical work on the landscape… boring stuff such as setting up AI pathing and spawn points. I did a snazzy flythrough video which you can see above; and I finished off the last little bit of canyon that was planned to be done for the first release. Everything else I’m going to do from here on out is going to be either in caves or largely unrelated to level design.
With my surgeries out of the way, the first release is getting so close now I can taste it (Or maybe that’s just the drugs?) The next week or two should be really interesting in terms of developments. So… See you in a week! -Luke
str-Luke is the project lead for Vizaris, and does all the miscellaneous tasks that don't directly fall under the Artist or the Programmer's responsibility; including maintaining this website.